And Away We Go…

And Away We Go…


Finally.  We are on the road to Florida, with many stops planned before we get there in February.

We got the house closed up (well, except for leaving Bert and Ernie, our loyal pit bulls, on the premises…) and departed Silver Lake at 9 AM in 27 degree F, clear and sunny weather.  As usual, we hit the first major obstacle, getting out of our driveway, within the first 20 seconds of the trip.  We made it up the first try, which sometimes does not happen.  Dylan and Charlie were settled into the back seat and ready for their next big adventure.  We just had to be careful not to say ‘beach’ or ‘ball’ in front of Charlie.

jet crop comp

We took The 5 thru Portland and eventually connected with Highway 18, which we followed all the way into Lincoln City.   As a side note, as we were cruising down 18 just SW of McMinnville, we were startled (I mean STARTLED!) to see a Boeing 747 parked in the middle of a plowed field.  Closer inspection revealed it was ‘parked’ in front of the Evergreen Air Museum, a large and impressive place.  If you are an aircraft aficionado, then this place would be like dying and going to heaven.  IT’S HUGE.  And believe me, that 747, along with another one sitting on the roof of one of several museum buildings, will definitely get your attention.

deedee sign

deedee comp

After a brief stop, we continued on to the Logan Road RV Park in Lincoln City.  This place is affiliated with the Chinook Winds Casino, owned by the Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians.  The RV park advertises itself as being ‘adjacent’ to the Casino.  (As Dee Dee says, ‘adjacent’ is the operative word.)  As soon as we pulled into the place, I knew it was not going to be (anything) like we had envisioned.  All concrete, narrow spaces.  But, clean and a HUMONGO dog run that pleased Charlie to no ‘end.’  And, Norman, the campground host was one of the friendliest guys you would want to meet.  The Wi-Fi in the parked was pretty much non-existent as the many long-term renters all seemed to be streaming movies from Netflix all at one time.  We just gave up on it. They do have a free shuttle that will take you back and forth.  We tried it once and it was actually pretty good.  They will also take you out to the Tribe-operated golf course for free…but Bob skipped it…too COLD to play.

casino mirror comp

bob casino comp

The Chinook Winds Casino is huge and not too bad.  Very nice bar overlooking the ocean, with decent food.  (If you want to sit near the windows, you have to order food with your drink.  Even though there were 20+ window tables and only 2 were occupied.  And, the drinks are watered…so if you want any kind a buzz, order a double.  Our first waitress (we ate lunch there 2 times) was pretty snarky, but the 2nd time our new waitress was great.  The Casino is 19 years old and beginning to show its age, but it’s still in pretty good shape.   And, they do bring in some big name entertainment (Willie Nelson and Foreigner, for example) at very reasonable ticket prices.  If you are into slots (we’re not), there are only about a billion machines there.  As well as an ample supply of blackjack and crap tables.  I had a blackjack dealer who was ranked as one of America’s Biggest Jerks – total butt-head.  Even so, I walked away relatively unscathed after only about 45 minutes of play.  Dee Dee’s favorite thing was the free Pepsi and chocolate cake.

charlie beach

crab comp

Charlie ran his ass off on the beach…we took him down 3 times and at the end of each session his tongue was dragging on the ground.  That dog will chase a tennis ball until he has a coronary.

We explored Lincoln City a bit; Dee Dee picked up an ‘authentic’ glass Japanese fishing ball.  BTW, Lincoln City has a cool tourist thing going where they deposit – above the high-tide line – glass balls, and other artifacts, made by local artists.  We did not see any.  Sigh…

Lincoln City, along with most other towns on the northern Oregon Coast, is an incredible compression of humanity and traffic congestion.  If you are looking for not-too-many-people-and-no-traffic, head further south, at least past Newport.

Florence Beach comp

After 2 days, we continued south on Highway 101 to Florence, Oregon, a delightful down, far less-congested than Lincoln City (which we will skip – with no regret – the next trip.)  There are many, many Oregon State Parks on the way to Florence from Lincoln City.  Next time we will do more careful checking and try to stay at one, or more, of them.

So here we now sit, at the Hecata Beach RV Park, as I type.  This is a wonderful place; friendly office staff, lots of trees, very quiet, and only about .2 of a mile from beach access – and it’s a very nice, very dog friendly, beach.  Charlie met several new friends…or should I say they met him.  He was pretty much fixated on his tennis ball.

I will mention again that the Wi-Fi at the Logan Road RV Park more than sucked.  Not the case here in Florence.  Good, strong signal.  (Hence the 3-day delay in our first blog installment.)

Tomorrow we turn away from the Oregon Coast had head overland for The 5, and then south to Canyonville to the Seven Feathers RV Park, one of our favorite places.  Nice casino, too.  After that, off to someplace in Northern California, with maybe a brief stop in Ashland, Oregon, to see an old friend.

Stay tuned…

(As a side note:  our posts to this Blog depend on our ability to connect to the Internet.  Crappy WiFi = No Communication.  So, we may go a few days between posts, either because there was not that much to report, or we could not get online to make a post.  So, please be patient.)


One Comment on “And Away We Go…

  1. No yonder like the wild blue yonder, I always say, and sounds like you got it! Chinook Winds is my brother’s favorite casino. I think you know that he’s developmentally disabled. (: My sister, who is no slouch at “casino-ing,” do like the Chinook, but then I’ve never heard her dis ANY casino. As for Lincoln City, the high point there for me has always been the factory outlet stores. You know the old saw–different strokes. Rock (shop) on! La Soozita


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