On The Road Again (Well, Almost…)


Two really honest, friendly, guys mooching for bucks, French Quarter

Two really honest, friendly, guys mooching for bucks in the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA.  We contributed to their noble cause. (February/2015)

Well, Dee Dee and I (and Charlie and Marshall Dylan) have pretty much got the RV packed up and we are ready to head on down the road again for our next adventure.  We are departing on Sunday, November 1; our eventual goal for this trip will, once again, be New Orleans, LA.  But with lots of stops along the way, which include Blackfoot (ID), Death Valley, Las Vegas, Dead Horse Ranch (AZ), Apache Junction (AZ), Benson (AZ), all the way across Texas to Louisiana and finally to The Big Easy.  Most of the way we will be travelling with our long-time friends Gary and Debbie (and their African Gray parrot, Pepper).  Should be a hoot.

So, keep your eye out for our hopefully regular blog postings (depending on WiFi connections), with lots of pictures, as usual.

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Our first installment should hit in early November.  Wahoo!


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