Still In The Magical Place…

Badwater Shadows

Our shadows, at Badwater.

Badwater Flats

Salt flats, Badwater, 255 feet below sea level.

Weird Camper at Furnace Creek

We are thinking about upgrading to a new RV. This is a distinct possibility.

Marshall Dylan Sleeping

Marshall Dylan, the Sun Magnate.

So, one of the problems with blogging while travelling is having to deal with crappy connections to the Inner-Net.  I sit here at the Furnace Creek Campground in Death Valley.  It’s the Day-After-Thanksgiving Day and I am thankful for being here with Dee Dee and our crazy friend, Gary (whose back has gone out – he is really suffering, poor guy.)  What I am not thankful for is the fact that every man, woman and child in the western United States is emailing, texting, browsing on their phones, most using Verizon.  Access to the Inner-Net is non-existent…the Personal Hot Spot on  my iPhone has puked…  And, the camp ground here is packed with Thanksgiving visitors.

OK, enough whining!

The Pointers at Bad Water

Holy Crap! Is that Superman??!!

I actually started writing this chapter two days ago, but suffered a brain-fart, probably due to that Bloody Mary I decided was an important element of the creative writing process.  Maybe I can become a vegan and live solely on BM’s?  Or not.

Telegraph Canyon Flowers

Delicate flowers in Telegraph Canyon

Outside Cottonwood Rocks

On the way to Cottonwood Canyon.


The REAL Farabee, owner of Farabee’s Jeep Rentals. A very cool guy.

I have posted a few more photos of our Farabee jeep-rental travels; Titus Canyon (this was our 3rd trip through…that’s enough for a long while), Cottonwood Canyon (out of Stove Pipe Wells) and up Telegraph Canyon (near the Mesquite Dunes).   Lots of fun…but made for a loooong day.  I think everyone had a good time.  BTW, John, Gary told me I had to mention your name in this post…so I did.)

Titus Canyon Back View

Looking east towards, Beatty, Nevada, from the top of Titus Canyon Road

Inside Titus Canyon

Inside Titus Canyon, entering The Narrows.

Coming out of Cottonwood

On the road to Cottonwood Canyon, outside of Stove Pipe Wells.

Gary Climbing Wall

Gary, risking his life wall climbing, a sport of which he has little knowledge. At this point, he had gone up about 100 feet.

Raven at Stove Pipe

Heckle, the raven, helping us eat lunch at Stove Pipe Wells. Jeckle, his brother, is just out of the picture.

We continue to delight in the wonders of Death Valley, sometimes travelling around, sometimes just sit’n and think’n.  Except for Gary, who is always moving, moving, moving – we keep telling him his is now RETIRED and to lighten up.  I think he is trying…but it’s a slow process for him.  He keeps us on our toes, that’s for sure.  We encourage him to relax, but our advice falls on deaf ears.

FC Hotel Martini

Martini’s on the veranda, Furnace Creek Inn. Miss Welch, our friendly waitress could not be convinced to give us more than two olives…a small request for a $12 drink.

Ranger Alan

Alan, an NPS Ranger, lead us on a very informative and interesting tour of the Furnace Creek in. This guy was a font of knowledge.

FC Hotel Pool

View of the spring-fed pool at the Furnace Creek Inn. Rooms here rent for about $350 – $450 per night. Believe it or not, summer is their busy time.

Last Sunday, we ventured over to Pahrump (sometimes pronounced ‘Pa-Dump’) where we blew in for shopping at their Super Walmart – mainly to buy ice and vodka for our Bloody Mary’s.  I swear that this is the store where all those Inner-Net Walmart photographs come from!  It was a visual wonderland.  Gas in Pahrump was $2/gallon for regular, so we were happy about that.

Dee Dee and Gary by Fire

Gary and Dee Dee at Furnace Creek – while in Death Valley we had a fire pretty much every night. We hauled in a lot of wood.

Cooking Foil Dinners

Cooking Dee Dee’s favorite – foil dinners on the fire.

I have enjoyed playing crappy golf at the Furnace Creek Golf Course.  The course is good…I am not.  Both times I have played I have been by myself, which is sorta fun.  I have seen the occasional other hacker out there, but not many.  No coyotes, either…which is unusual.  Maybe they all headed up to Pahrump to visit their relatives for Thanksgiving.

Tourists at Father Crowley Point

Tourists at Father Crowley Point, on the western edge of Death Valley National Park

Jet at Father Crowley Point

Your tax dollars at work, entering a canyon near Father Crowley Point. Death Valley NP.


Photographyer at Father Crowley Point

Waiting for the jets, Father Crowley Point,

Lars at Father Crowley Point

This a Lars, an incredible bicycle guy we met at Father Crowley Point. He has just peddled up the hill – a steep one. He cooked the hamburger he was eating over his little stove, in the parking lot. A very neat guy.

Gary at Father Crowley Point

Gary and his new tourist friends, at Father Crowley Point, Death Valley.

On Tuesday (November 24th) we headed up over Towne’s Pass, across the Panamint Valley, up the other side towards the Owens Valley.  It was a beautiful drive.  We stopped off at Father Crowley Point, which has one of the more spectacular views of the Panamint Valley.  Lots of tourists…just like us, I guess.  While we were there, the United States Government (‘your tax dollars at work’) treated us to an  absolutely spectacular air show.  The mountainous terrain here is a training ground for fighter pilots.  A couple of jets came blasting up the canyon in front of us, at a very low altitude, several times.  On their last pass they exited the canyon right in front of us and climbed straight up doing spins and wing-overs, and flying upside down.  Wow!  The noise literally shook your rib cage.  We had the feeling the show was just for us…and I bet it was.  What a thrill.


Dee Dee Victoria and Gary

Dee Dee, Victoria and Gary at the Panamint Valley Restaurant; Victoria is one of the owners.

On the way back from Fr. Crowley Point we stopped off at the Panamint Springs Diner for a beer and lunch.  Still the great place we remember from our past 3-4 visits there.  Panamint Springs Resort is in Death Valley National Park, but it’s an ‘island’ of private land, family owned.  There is the restaurant, an RV park and a gas station ($5.50 for regular, but it’s the only gas for about 100 miles in either direction, so they sorta gotcha.).

As we departed Panamint Springs, the wind really started to howl.  It was blowing so hard across the Panamint Valley that visibility dropped to zero and the road was almost impossible to see.  The cross-winds were at least 60 MPH, and we were worried that the blowing sand and pebbles were going to pit the paint on the car.  (Not the case, fortunately.)   Once we started ascending Towne’s Pass again, the wind seemed to abate, but by the time we got back to Furnace Creek it was still blowing like Hell.  Tents flying through the air.  People running around trying to find all of their stuff that had taken flight.  We had packed up pretty good before we left, but even so, a lot of our stuff was scattered around.  We managed to find all of it…some was 3 campsites over.

FC Thermometer

Nice and warm.

The high winds lasted until about 4 the next morning and pretty much cleared out about 50% of the campground.  We don’t know where they all went at 10 PM, but we assume either Pahrump or Las Vegas motels/hotels as all the lodging here was pretty full.  And once again, we had to pull in our slide-outs as it was blowing so hard.  Charlie and Marshall Dylan were pretty freaked out by all the noise.

We had a nice visit with our good friend, Shellye, who is a Ranger here in the Park.  She is the one who hired us back in 2010 when we worked as Campground Hosts in Stove Pipe Wells.  Shellye is a real hoot and fun to be around…and extremely knowledgeable about Death Valley.  We always  look forward to these visits with her.

FC Bar Popcorn

Another not-wasted day at the Furnace Creek bar. Love those ‘Stellas.’

So, there ya go, folks.  A lot less words than last time.  Enjoy the pictures.  We are here for a few more daze, then off to Sam’s Town in Las Vegas for a week.  One of our favorite spots.  But all that is the next chapter…

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!




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  1. As always, many, many great photos, Bob. I always enjoy your missives. Keep them coming! Hope you had a great day yesterday, and keep the travels safe! Muggs


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