In Our Woods

“In Our Woods” is a series of images all done with an iPhone 6 Plus.

It started one day when I was walking (well…hobbling) in the forest behind our house in Silver Lake, Washington, where we own 7.5 acres, about 5 acres of which is heavily wooded, mostly with clump maple, alder, fir and cedar trees, plus lots of salal, Oregon grape,several varieties of ferns and lots of low-lying brush.

At first, I casually took a few shots just to “keep my vision tuned up.”  However, pretty soon I was really enjoying the freedom of no tripod, no light meter, no leveling the camera, no taking 15-20 minutes to set up a shot, no balancing shutter and aperture, no hyper-focal focusing, no thinking about HDR exposures, etc.  All this can lead to a certain rigidity in the work.

The iPhone really frees me up…just point and shoot.  It’s immediate and relatively accurate in terms of color and exposure…and it ‘s quick.  What at first was just a series of ‘sketches’ quickly turned into something more serious.

I don’t spend a great deal of time when I go out to take these photographs…no more than about 30 minutes on each excursion.  I find that any more then that leads to redundancy, and I tend to get tired pretty easily these days.  In my case, I like working in short ‘bursts’.  Coming back again at a later time helps to keep things fresh.

On the technical side, all image making and post-processing was done entirely on my iPhone, mostly using the simple tools provided in the Instagram app.  No Photoshop and no Lightroom.  You might also notice that later in the series, starting with “In Our Woods #8,” I started adding a more rugged border (reminiscent of the ‘filed-out negative carrier’ appearance that was popular back in the early 1970’s when I was in graduate school at Arizona State University); this was accomplished using an app called PhotoBorders.


In Our Woods, #1


In Our Woods, #2


In Our Woods, #3


In Our Woods, #4


In Our Woods, #5

In Our Woods, #6

In Our Woods, #6


In Our Woods, #7

In Our Woods, #8

In Our Woods, #8


In Our Woods, #9


In Our Woods, #10


In Our Woods, #11


In Our Woods, #12


In Our Woods, #13


In Our Woods, #14


In Our Woods, #15


In Our Woods, #16


In Our Woods, #17


In Our Woods, #18

In Our Woods, #19


In Our Woods, #20. (The last of the series.)

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