I usually carry my very cool Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 Camera.   It is extremely compact, quick to use and affords some pretty good image quality due to its’ 10.1-megapixel CCD.  It also has a very nice f.2.0 ultra wide-angle 24mm Leica Varia-Summicron lens.

This camera has been through a lot of abuse and it just ‘keeps on ticking.’  For example, about a week before the 1-year warranty expired I spilled a can of Diet Pepsi all over it when it was sitting inside one of the extra beverage slots in my pickup.  (What a dumb ass, right?) The shutter release felt like smooshing a piece of wadded up bubblegum, and the wide/tele toggle was very sticky – almost impossible to move. I called B&H Photo in NY, where I got it, and they told me to send it back to Panasonic for repairs.  So, I did.  4 days later (no kidding!) it was back in my hands totally cleaned and repaired – for FREE.  Both of these companies are amazing and worthy of high praise for standing behind their products…even though the damage was ‘self-inflicted.’

There are a few images here that we shot with a GoPro Hero3, also a very cool little camera.  Tiny.  Excellent dynamic range.  Very wide angle, that should be apparent when you view the images.

Finally, there may be some that were done with a Nikon D800e, usually using a very nice 16mm – 35mm zoom.

Anyhow, I call the stuff you see here ‘sketches’ because that is what they are.  Quick, random shots, mainly done for fun…no ‘heavy’ commentary or mystical meaning (ala Minor White).  Just things that made me feel good.  I hope you enjoy them, too.

Hint:  To start the self-directed slide show, just click on any image, then follow the big arrows; To exit the slide show, click on the dark field outside of any image





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