Tulips and Daffodils!

Even though we have been back from our annual extended travels for about a month (and came back from Mexico to nothing but rain, rain and more rain…), we thought you might enjoy our recent visit to the tulip and daffodil fields in the Mt. Vernon (Washington) area.  We stayed near Anacortes for several days in mid-April and spent a lot of time exploring the area – lots to see and do.  Needless to say, the flowers were at their peak and were spectacular: worth braving the crowds to walk through the muddy fields to enjoy them close up.  Not many words are necessary…the images speak for themselves…

We drove around the Mt. Vernon area looking for fields and came across this wonderful planting of daffodils. Dee Dee was happy. (Parking was pretty bad, though. Good thing we had the Jeep because we had to park tipping at a 45-degree angle, towards a ditch.)

As we were driving around looking for tulip fields, we kept seeing crowds of people walking around in the acres and acres of flowers. We finally figured out they were entering a huge operation, Roozengaarde (click on the link for more information.) Very well organized and friendly. And, as you can see, crowded. When we entered their (huge) parking lot, we had to wait about 20 minutes until a spot opened up. Fortunately, they had parking monitors, with radios, who directed us a great spot right near the entrance to the gardens.  It cost $7 per person to enter, but it was well worth it.

Walking around the Roozengaarde fields was a bit of a challenge – there was mud everywhere. No wonder most of the visitors were wearing rubber boots. (Except us…) We saw a small child fall into this pool; they had to dispatch the Whidbey Island Coast Guard to rescue him.

While in Anacortes, we met up with our old friends from San Diego, who now live near LaConner, Frank and Penny Rigoni. Always a real hoot when we get together, and never enough time to catch up.

We also met up with a couple of Dee Dee’s Oak Harbor High School buddies, Jim and Marsha Phay, who introduced us to a terrific restaurant in Anacortes – Calico Cupboard. One of the very best lunches we have ever enjoyed.